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Payment Systems

The Malyn Group is deep rooted in the merchant services and payments space.  Leverage our worldwide acquiring bank network.

Business Capital

We take the pain out of attaining business capital. Our creative and boutique approach in securing business capital for our clients, is both fluid and effective.

Business to Consumer Financing

Business to consumer financing provides your customers and clients the opportunity to take advantage of your products and services.  This creates client stickiness and growth.

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Increase Cashflow

We work together with you and your staff to uncover operational, debt management and marketing inefficiencies that highly impact your cashflow.  And then guide you in implementing solutions and corrective actions that boost your bottomline.   

Reduce Expenses

We will work together to pinpoint key areas in your company, making sure these areas are running as lean and efficient as possible.  This will reduce your exposure to excessive expenses.

Navigate New Business  Processes

Setup tasks and processes that provide value to your clients, suppliers and team.  These processes will significantly improve efficiencies, productivity and customer satisfaction.

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